Epitome in a Sentence

Epitome as a Noun

(plural epitomes)

  1. Definition: a standard or typical example. A representative example.


  • Michael Jordan is the epitome of a NBA player
  • Climbing to the top of Mount Everest is the epitome of completing a great challenge
  • Napoleon was the epitome of a persecuted, lonely and flawed genius
  • César Ritz and his luxurious hotels became legendary, and his name entered the English language as an epitome of high-class cuisine and accommodation
  • The MVP had a batting average of .390 and is the epitome of a great player
  • Burger King and McDonalds are the epitomes of fast food
  • He provided America with the epitome of a good father
  • He is the epitome of a good person


From Ancient Greek ‎‎(epitémnō, I cut upon the surface, cut short, abridge).